Refreshing Sake

It is the lightest and simplest of the four types of sake

Modest overall, but fresh aroma with a smooth and lush flavour.

Proper Serving Temperature: 5 〜10°C etc

It is recommend to be chilled for its fresh flavour and smooth taste. Although there are bitterness and sourness, low temperature does not make them become too strong. A few types also suitable for Atukan (Hot)

Proper Serving Glassware

Bite size glassware normally used as it is normally chilled. Also, cooling design and cold keeping material are suitable for its specialities.

Samples of Food Pairing

The simple flavour matches a great range of foods

List of Refreshing Sake

Kagatsuru 1800ML / 720ML / 300ML


Grade: Jyosen hot
Seimaibuai: 65%
Nihonshudo: +7
Alcohol: 15%
Rice: Aiyama
Brewer: Ozeki
Origin: Hyogo
Recommend Temperature: CHILLED / HOT

Nigori(unrefind) sake which fused Karatanba which is original dry sake and in deep taste derived from texture of a material. The dry and sharp taste sake is easy to match with various dish and has width of how to drink.


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